An Afghan Journalist Thinks Aamir Liaquat Is Colonel Adil Who Died In Panjshir & Pakistanis Can’t Keep Calm!

The internet is a whole another world in itself where misinformed facts spread way too rapidly because of the lack of regulation of content, and our people too, blindly believe what the social media tells them.

Becoming a victim of misinformation, an Afghan journalist shared pictures of Aamir Liaquat taking him for Colonel Adil and quoting that the man died fighting in Panjshir. The picture has Pakistani tweeple in fits as they have a field day quoting the tweet:

No one can beat us!

People were clapping back at him with the complete video footage:

People were sending their condolences:


Waqt kam hai aur muqaabla sakht:

Same 😭

It’s real 🤷‍♀️

Always works!


Can’t wait to see what comes next!

People couldn’t believe what they were seeing:

We love Aamir bhai!

People were remembering Aamir Liaquat for his valuable services:




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