Pakistanis Are Sharing Their Fondest Memories Of Having Rs. 100 & It’s Way Too Nostalgic!

Remember the khushi of having a crisp red Rs. 100 note as a kid? It really was something else! Today, Pakistanis are recalling their fondest memories of Rs. 100 and the time they used to think it was a lot of money:

And netizens have their own memories to add to the list:


Level of dreams humara 💕

Samajh nai ata tha kaisay spend karein:

From appetizer to dessert, sub kuch ajata tha:


Hahaha, big relate!




Can’t believe ek zamaanay mei milti thi:

Richie rich 🤑

And the best part is, aa bhi jata tha utne mei lunch:


Haha pretty sure the formula doesn’t work ab!


What are your fondest memories of spending money in your childhood? Let us know in the comments below!

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