This Girl Was Denied Haier Appliance On Installments For Being A Woman, Javed Afridi Clarifies

A girl shared her experience to twitter of how she went to buy a kitchen appliance on instalments but the shopkeeper blatantly refused her saying that the company in question, Haier, doesn’t have the policy to facilitate women.

The tweet also reached Javed Afridi, the CEO of Haier, who clarified on twitter that the company does not have any such policy and neither do they allow buying on instalments:

Another girl came forward and shared how she faced the same gender discrimination at the hands of Haier:

A man on Twitter also shared his mum’s experience which was pretty much the same:

Some shared how they too faced the same situation where the dealer refused:

And while Javed Afridi clarified that they do not sell on instalments, a woman claimed that she’d gotten it on instalments:

The tweet was met with mixed replies, some appalled at the alleged policy:

People didn’t quite get the logic!

People wanted the policy to be changed asap!

People were furious!

People were so done with the discrimination:

People shared similar experiences with Dawlence:

People wanted to boycott Haier:

People couldn’t believe what they’d read:

While others were appalled, some had the dealer to blame rather than the company:

People also found Javed Afridi’s reply to be rude and offensive:

People found it to be unprofessional:

People found the response to be shameful:

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