Ali Gul Pir opens up about growing up in a broken family in his new song ‘Sorry I Wasn’t Enough’

Known for his hard hitting satire, Ali Gul Pir has been in the industry for quite a while now. From Waderay Ka Beta to recreating popular celebrity pictures to anday wala burger, Ali Gul Pir has always left us amused! From his songs to his videos, each and everything is well thought of and takes comedy to the next level.


However, this time Ali Gul Pir has shown a completely different side of his personality to the audience. He released his song ‘Sorry I Wasn’t Enough’ in collaboration with Lenny Massey and his raw, unbridled story struck a chord with many people.


He shared the song in a tweet and opened up about how having divorced parents bought to him a sense of shame and how he spent most of his life blaming himself for the separation. In a society where family dynamics matter the most, kids from broken homes often blame themselves and go through major trauma. And the pain is not just limited to having a parent missing from their life but also the bullying and the judgments that comes from the society: it can break you in ways unimaginable.


Fans all over the internet loved the song and praised Ali for his bravery and talking about a topic that not many people talk about. In a reply to a tweet Ali further said that he’s seen how children from broken families tend to develop psychological issues without even realizing it.


Fans also requested him to elaborate on how he dealt with the situation


Yesss, a 100% yes!


People opened up about their own experiences being raised in a broken family


Many talked about the damage it causes to children


Even people who don’t come from broken families could relate to it


We’re super proud of Ali for starting up a healthy conversation that many are a part of now, you go Ali!

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