Abandoned by his son, this old man’s heart breaking video leaves people furious and in tears

No one love us quite like our parents do, from sacrificing everything they have to fulfil our needs to providing us the absolute best, there’s no match for their love. However, this video of a man who jas been abandoned by his son will break your heart into a million pieces.

A guy shared the man’s video where he can be weeping for his son, begging on the streets to make ends meet as the note in the video suggests:
The video has went viral and many people have come forward to help the man:

People were furious!

People were sending their sincerest prayers his way:

Osman Khalid Butt wanted to set up a trust fund:

This is cruel:

People were furious at his son:

People were praying for both of them:

Jo baat hai:

It hurts us physically:

It will always be atrocious!

Please take care of your parents, please!


We’ll never know:

Saddening indeed:


People couldn’t see the tears:

Many were quoting the Quran and how it asks us to treat our parents:

Heart wrenching:

It had people crying:

Nobody deserves this:

Some suggested long term solutions:

Cruel is an understatement:

Absolute trash!

The guy who shared the video has also mentioned the details of where to find the man, just in case you’re wanting to help:

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  1. Hi..could you please give me any details to contact him? I really would like to give him all the support I can ..I would really appreciate your response.
    Thank you

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