Momina Mustehsan’s PISA look breaks the internet with memes and divided opinions!

As the PISAs took place in Dubai surrounded by a lot of controversy, one of them was Momina Mustehsan’s overall look at the award show.

Momina Mustehsan chose to wear Marmar Halim but what caught everyone’s attention was the pairing of that bright yellow dress with her bleached blonde hair, and the internet just can’t handle it!

There were a lot of comparisons:

Some were quoting Malcolm X:

Some were comparing her to Britney Spears:

Some suggested that she changes her stylist:

Umm, okay:

Some thought brown women never learn:

Some thought she looked like Emma Watson:

There was an actual haldi account that was thanking Momina for the representation:

People were comparing her to haldi:

Some were comparing her to ‘Son Pari:’

Some found her looking like an egg yolk:

People were questioning her stylist:

Some thought of custard:

Not cool:

Some were comparing her to Blake Lively:

And while many were busy mocking her, a lot of people stood up for her against the bullying:

Jo baat hai!

Shots were fired:

People were lauding Momina for not caring:

People found it disgusting:

Some found her gorgeous!

Some wanted others to get a life:

Some agreed that she wasn’t as bad as the internet was making her look:

Some couldn’t understand what the big deal was:

Everyone has an opinion these days:

People were calling out on bullies:


Something everyone should try:


What do you think about the hate Momina has been getting? Is it fair? Let us know in the comments below!

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