A Girl From Islamabad Called Aadat By Atif Aslam ‘Habit’ & People Are Screaming!

Don’t even talk to us if you don’t remember Atif and Gohar’s iconic debut with Aadat as Jal band. The song immediately catapulted the two to fame and bought them fans that are still going strong!

Talking to an Islamabadi girl, this man was a little confused when she told him that her favourite song was habit by Atif Aslam, it took him hours to process that she meant Aadat!

And the netizens are screaming!

Yar 😂

People couldn’t stop laughing!

Tu jaanay naaaaa:

Same 😭

Mermaid is in a league of its own!

People had enough twitter for the day:

Dead 😂

People were comparing the girl to Hania Aamir:

Hahaha, humain bhi pehli nazar mei bohat pasand hai:

People were tweeting out their reactions:


Some refused to believe that it was an Islamabadi who said this:



Fans were not okay!

And while most people found it funny, others weren’t really sold on the fact that it really happened:

What are your thoughts on Atif Aslam’s song ‘habit’? Let us know on the comments below!

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