Mohabbatain Chahatain: Why is Tara Driven by Envy?

Armeena Rana Khan’s ‘Tara’ in Mohabbatain Chahatain is a character we love to hate!

With and intriguing plot and highly commendable performance by Armeena Rana Khan as Tara, this antagonist is one that has stolen the limelight of the show. Unlike yesteryears Pakistani dramas, we are glad that scriptwriters in today’s era choose to add multiple layers to a character, she is not just good or bad as they used to be. Tara plays a complicated, negative role while holding a dominant part in the story.

Is it just me or does one really look forward to seeing what new antics will she be up-to in the episode? Playing the cunning other woman, Tara has managed to outplay the damsel in distress intelligibly in the drama, by not just winning once but twice!

Let’s Take A Look at Tara’s Journey in Mohabbatain Chahatain

Khan has played Tara’s role so tactfully, we have definitely grown to understand how or what may be causing Tara to act out in such a vindictive manner. It has not just been the major stunts she’s pulled that call her out as a villain but some of the little things she’s done such as scaring off Sneha’s child not once but repeatedly!

The Petty Jealous Friend

Tara’s role started off as a petty jealous friend who just couldn’t be happy for anyone since she was unhappy in her own life and marriage. She was always jealous of Sneha due to the love and care she received from Faraz so she decided to steal him from her. Her jealous nature didn’t end there and she then made sure she married Minhaj just out of spite!

The Attention Seeker

Tara demanded attention at all times, in the first episode we saw her stealing the spotlight from Sneha by announcing a fake-pregnancy of her own. The Tara in the beginning was almost child-like, her antics were childish, funny and annoying at the same time, but little did we know what she had in store for us! Further on when she couldn’t get the attention she wanted from Minhaj she went to great lengths to hurt herself in order to ensure he’d believe her and chose her over Sneha.

A true Narcissist

What started off with Tara as the jealous girl has after 20 episodes pretty much turned into a person who is vile and is a complete narcissist that people are definitely terrified of, well all except Dr. Minhaj who is keeping her locked up inside his home. It often seems like she feels immense joy after ruining someone’s day. This behaviour of hers was clearly shown when she destroyed a child’s birthday cake and looked on gleefully while another child got blamed for it!

The Manipulative Tara

Tara was used to get her way, she ended up getting whatever she pleased. Not only was she very tactful, she played a manipulative game in order to win. From becoming the victim in-front of Faraz causing a rift between him and Sneha to gaining Minhaj’s pity by self-harming herself, she went to great lengths to achieve her goals.

Tara’s Desperate Plea for Help

After marrying Minhaj, there was a certain shift in Tara’s behaviour, from being the predator she was now the prey, always being watched by CCTV cameras, locked up in a room with hands tied, her freedom was instantly taken away. It broke her down to an extent, and she revealed that she has an illness and she needed help. We must admit that definitely gave us a lot of clarity on why she had this mean-spirited persona, she may have said it to get out of Minhaj’s prison but it was something that made total sense and shed a different light on her character. Kudos to Armeena for a brilliant performance, her shrieks sent a chill down our spine!

The Devil in Disguise

Mohabbatain Chahatain’s latest episode saw Tara in an avatar like never before, while she planned and plotted revenge against Minhaj, she tried to get into his good-books while secretly hoarding a stash of pills. She then pushed him down the stairs and he fell to his unfortunate death, what came next was utterly bone-chilling to watch, Tara couldn’t control her happiness and only feigned shock and sadness when she realised the CCTV cameras were watching her. Tara became the ultimate devil incarnate where she felt absolutely no remorse whatsoever over the murder she had just committed!

What’s Next for Tara?

Tara’s not giving up so soon, seems like she already has a plan in place after killing off Minhaj; as she is seen putting on the ‘sad’ widow act at the lawyers’. Will she be able to get away for Minhaj’s murder? Watch Mohabbatein Chahatein every Thursdays on HUM TV.

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