A Bunch Of Privileged Kids Bullied An Autistic Kid & It’s Not Okay!

We live in a society which is barely inclusive of the specially-abled people. And what the internet has collectively witnessed today will have you shocked.

A bunch of kids literally went out of their way to bully a mildly autistic kid named Mohid by making an Instagram group chat and constantly bullying him by adding him to chat over and over again and saying the most vile and disgusting things about him.

Every time, he’d leave the group, someone would add him again and start bullying him and make fun of his disabilities:

People were sharing screenshots from the group chat and they’re absolutely disgusting:

And people are fuming!

People wanted to find the trolls and hold them accountable:

People were worried how social media has become so toxic:

Many shared how these woke kids really needed to wake up before justifying bullying:

People were furious!

Good thing people are now calling them out:

And while most of the bullies apologized after their screenshots leaked, people weren’t buying it:

What do you think about bullying? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. A video of the autistic boy emerged online where he was abusing people on ig live. I think that was the pretext for the group chat. Do check out that as well. So, the boy too is at fault.

    Not justifying anyone, they’re all kids and have been acting stupid.

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