7 Pakistani Instagram Handles You Need to Follow to Get the Latest in Fashion

Fashion may be innate, but there’s definitely a chance to nurture it by learning from the best of the best in today’s digital era. There’s a myriad of options out there, and places like Instagram are like goldmines for those who want to understand how just loving fashion can turn into an obsession for some!

Now, looking at seven such accounts for whom fashion serves a purpose of more than just vanity or style, Diva explores the best Instagram accounts that you need to follow to get the latest in Pakistani fashion…


Some people may look at fashion as a superficial identity to own, but that’s definitely not the case for Aamir Bukhari! Running his Instagram page for a while now, Aamiriat is a name that definitely is a go-to spot for anyone who wants to read in-depth, well-researched posts on local and international fashion, with, of course, a catty flair to it.

Follow him here.

Maliha Rehman

She’s not only one of Pakistan’s most popular fashion journalists, but she’s also a queen of Instagram when it comes to talking about Pakistani couture, the entertainment industry, and the trends that are going around. She makes sure what she says is the truth and nothing but, and this genuine personality flows through her Instagram!

Follow her here.


Fashion Talk By Abeera

Fashion critique is not the easiest of things to do, but some can do it oh-so-naturally. Abeera Mir is one such example. With her page Fashion Talk, you get to see an interesting mix of posts that look at fashion not only in the country and what our celebs are wearing, but also looks at international trends and faux pas moments as well!

Follow her here.


One of the first few names who started the whole idea of writing about fashion through blogs and digital spaces, Salima Feerasta, who is known as Karachista soon made a shift to Instagram where she puts up posts from around Pakistani markets of fashion and provides here valuable opinions there. It’s a mix of everything she likes to talk about and that makes for an interesting Insta page.

Follow her here.

The Style Journal

The Style Journal is definitely one name that has established itself from the wee days of Instagram when hardly people used it, and since then has become a name that is synonymous with providing entertainment and fashion news along with a personalised flair in posts. The brainchild of Alina Shahid, it surely is a page that deserves to be followed!

Follow her here.


A duo that anyone who knows anything about fashion writing in Pakistan is ought to know,  Sadaf Zarrar and Amna Niazi have made themselves into a brand through their Instagram page, SiddySays. It’s a page that is all about interacting with celebs, talking about fashion, and collaborating on style, and that has made them a page that is worthy of being obsessed with!

Follow them here.

Diet Bunto

You may have heard of Diet Prada and Diet Sabya, but we have Diet Bunto and it’s much wittier than any other page! There’s so much research that goes into finding out who has copied whom and who just loves to plagiarise international designs, and Diet Bunto does that effortlessly almost!

Follow the page here.

Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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