Lecturer’s suicide after false harassment accusations sparks outrage on social media

Movements like #MeToo have always been a very controversial topic in Pakistan with people on two very extreme ends of the spectrum. A teacher from MAO College Lahore committed suicide after he was ‘falsely accused’ of harassing a student at the college according to sources.

Ever since the news of his suicide broke, the hashtag #MeToo has been trending on number one at Twitter:

Teacher Muhammad Afzal wrote an application to the college asking for a second inquiry on him to clear his name off of the case and to restore his reputation that had been tarnished due to the claims. He also wrote how his wife had left him as she believed the claims were true.

He also demanded that there be a notice of him proven innocent in writing and to suspend the girl who had falsely accused him. He ended the note saying that his colleagues make sure his salary reaches his mother in future and on the back of the paper he requested that the police does not bother anyone in regards to his suicde.

The suicide has sparked an outrage on all social media where people are speaking on the misuse of the #MeToo movement in Pakistan:

Ali Zafar naratted the whole incident and questioned the credibility of the movement:

Iqrar ul Hasan tweeted how people should refrain from calling someone guilty on mere accusations:

Some pointed out how the real issue here was the management dismissing the suicide warning:

People came forward saying how the movement was for both men and women:

And while many were busy bashing the movement itself, there were a few who spoke sense:

People who whole heartedly support the movement too think the movement should not be misused:

People agreed who misuse of the movement was equally abhorring:

People were worried about the misuse of the movement:

Many were angry at the misuse of the movement because it was causing damage to the actual victims:

Some revealed how there are 23 cases of harassment pending in the college:

Falsely accusing anyone should be a crime:

#MeToo was never just about women though:

Some thought the movement had lost credibility in Pakistan:

People were upset how the judicial system had failed many:

Some were straight go cursing the girl:

People suggested that false accusations have should serious consequences:

Many were happy to see others standing up for the professor:

Many demanded that the girl be punished for her actions:

People were heart broken:

Some were disappointed in their fellow women:

People were calling the girl selfish:

People demanded that a serious set of rules be implemented in cases like these:

Some called the movement anti-patriarchial and pro-feminist:

Many also thought how men were using this particular case to discredit the entire movement:

For some the campaign was a reflection:

Many criticized the suicide:


And there were some who were of the opinion that strict laws be implemented and the MeToo movement should not be discredited based off of one case: https://twitter.com/ahmadhasan186/status/1185541373249937417?s=19

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