2 men were caught carrying 186 kgs of frogs in Lahore and the internet has a lot to say!

2 men carrying 186 kgs of dead frogs were caught by the police and as soon as the news was aired, people assumed they were being sold to the eateries in Lahore. Now before you ask us where exactly the frogs were being taken, the answer is that they were being supplied to the laboratories in schools and colleges where they are dissected as a part of the curriculum. But the internet had no chill!

Even Rabia Butt was confused:

Well, well, well!

People were already waiting for the daddu masala:

Some were even rooting for frogs to be on the Lahore Qalandars kit for the next PSL:

Shayiri uchhal uchhal ke bahar arahi thi:

People had taglines for the daddu restaurant ready:

All about the lean life:

Many were sharing the sentiments of frogs in Lahore:

Gham baanta ja raha tha:

Breaking News!

Akhir Lahore Lahore hai:

Oye hoye maar dala!

Some were blaming it on Pak-Cheen dosti, jo par gayi hai bhari!

Demand demand ki baat hai sahab:

Haye 😭

There was an array of endless memes!

And unappetizing dishes were shared:


The possibilities are endless though:

Jahan credit banta hai wahan do yar:

We just threw up a little in our mouth:

Hmm, awaam jawab chahti hai:

Khudkushi is haraam, yo!

Social media feeds were ruined for many:

Aisay nai milni kurri!

Daddu game strong!

With that being said, its a great thing that food authorities in Lahore do try and keep a check and balance on what they’re eating unlike other cities. And no, we repeat again, the frogs weren’t being supplied to any eateries like the memes suggest!

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