10 Times ‘The Bajis’ from Delhi Made Us Laugh Out Loud!

There’s always something hilarious on social media to keep us entertained by going viral, and the latest to do so are two amazing entertainers from across the border – The Bajis! Full of desi humour that we can’t get enough of, the sister duo of Shazma and Soha are all about making everyone laugh out loud with their hilarity!

Which of their videos do we love most for their eclectic and super entertaining quotient?

Diva has the lowdown…


The One Where Charu Has a ‘Breakof’

Break up kya hota hai? It’s a breakof for Charu that has us in stitches!


The One With Shakir Ka Valima

If this doesn’t remind you of the constantly bitchy aunties at our valimas and shaadis, then nothing else will!


The One With The Question of Dulhan Ke Ghar Se Kya Aya

What can be more desi than the Baji’s asking for what the nayi dulhan got from her mayika?


The One About Shakir Ki Shaadi

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Shakir miyan ki shaadi- Part 1

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It may be Shakir ki Shaadi, but we all know it’s always about the dramatics at the wedding that just won’t stop, isn’t it?


The One With Shakir Ka Mayoun

Even the peela joras can’t rescue anyone from the fiery comments at Shakir ka mayoun! 


The One About Dulhan Ke Joray

The Bajis have tons to say about everything but the Dulhan Ke Joray!


The One With Shakir Ki Mangni

Shakir ki mangni hogayi, but baatein karna band na hui! 


The One Where They Realise Ke Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

This Sasu maa is what nightmares are made of and we cannot stop laughing!


The One With Shabo Ki Scary Saas

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Ab aaya unth pahadh ke neeche #shazmaandsoha

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Haye Allah! This saas will remind us all of that one special saas who keeps everyone on their toes!


The One About The Darar

Darar parwao aur fayida uthao!


The One Where Shaista Ki Khair Nahi

We all have that one baji in our lives who loves going door to door saying things about us, don’t we?


Check out more of The Baajis here.

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  1. Me and my husband enjoyed a lot, because my ancestors are from Barely, and I remember my aunties who used to talk like this , so this is very close to my heart, I don’t remember how much time I watched these video, and still not bored

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