Indoor Weddings Banned, Outdoor Weddings With Max 1,000 Guests Allowed & People Are Losing It!

In the wake of the second wave of Covid-19, the NCOC has issued a newer and ‘stricter’ set of SOPs for the country in an attempt to control the virus from spreading.

With masks becoming mandatory for everyone to wear, the government has also put a ban on indoor weddings allowing for outdoor weddings with a maximum limit of 1000 guests. And people have a lot to say on the matter!


Emphasis on the word ‘only:’


Aur kya!

People thought it was a typo:

There were questions:

Oh man, it’s gonna be tough narrowing down to 1000:

People were throwing reality checks:


We can actually hear the gif!

Jo bhi samajh lein:

People legit thought this was an attempt to divert the attention from the US Elections:

People were all of indoor and simple weddings with a small guest list:




What do you think about the new SOPs? Let us know in the comments below!

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