10 Times Ali Gul Pir Left Us Laughing Out Loud!

We always love those a laugh a minute moments, and there’s some massive talent in Pakistan who makes us do that. Be it the countless comedians we have in the country, or all those Tik-Tokers who have taken over social media, there’s always something full of humour to see! However, amidst them all, if there is one person who has continued to leave us in stitches for almost a decade now, it has to be our very own Waderai Ka Beta, Ali Gul Pir.

He’s been on a constant drive to make everyone laugh, but of course, always with a side of satire – and his Instagram is proof!

What are the things that have made us OBSESSED with his social media feed? Diva has the lowdown…


This Bella Hadid to Maila Shadid Moment

We thought Bella Hadid was the supermodel to watch out for, but boy, we were wrong!


The Competition He Has Given to Amna Ilyas!


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Out of the closet #QuarantineDay56

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Just because you’re in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t model it up like Amna Ilyas!


This Fashion Faux-Pas

It may be a fashion faux-pas, but extra! extra! read all about it on Ali’s body!


This Priyanka Chopra Moment We Will Never Get Over!

India may have PeeCee at the Met Gala, we have AGP in mesh!


This Generation Inspired Dhulai

Generation showed us one way to use the balti, Ali showed us another!


This High Concept Photoshoot Gone Haywire

Need a fancy photoshoot to get the same result? Forget that, just put those cotton balls to work!



This Cellophane Moment!

Who says you can’t look like a wrapped guldasta and still look high fashion?



Leave it to Ali to give us more perspective on what this painter photo meant in the first place!


This Rendition of an Editorial

And you thought only supermodels could rock awkward poses!


This Mahira Khan-Inspired Photograph!

Mahira Khan may look ethereal in this white ensemble, but Ali’s surely a close second!


Which recreated photo is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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