Twitter Was Down In Pakistan & People Have The Most Hilarious Reactions!

Twitter’s where the real party’s always at, from the best memes to the most creative banter and sometimes random fights, Twitter is the real MVP of all social media platforms.

However, the tweeple were frantic yesterday as Twitter was down all over Pakistan and what better way to express it than memes?

It’s not always PTCL bro:

What is life?

Apna kya lena dena?


Could this get any more apt?

Ertugrul memes were topping the list!

Umm, a demonstration we didn’t think we needed to see:

How tables turn:

Zaida ho gaya yeh toh:

Because twitter is the new Instagram?

Lo bhaee:

If life was a meme:

Mat kiya karo na aisi tweets:

Overseas Pakistanis were happy though!

Shukar hai bhaijaan uth gaye:

Le Router:

Okay hope you’re feeling well now:

Let us know when you’re in:

Twitter can not and shall not die!

Insta waalon ki chandi:

There were get well soon messages floating for Twitter already:

Twitterati were downloading internet proxies already!


Some had pressing questions:

PTI, take notes!

And people were really happy to see Twitter being restored:

Did you notice dull TLs yesterday? Let us know in the comments below!

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