Zayn Malik’s ‘MashaAllah’ Creates Havoc On Social Media!

Following Khabib Nurmagomedov’s iconic triumph against Justin Gaethje, congratulations have been pouring in from all around the world with fans and celebrities lauding the fighter.

Praising the athlete on Twitter,Zayn Malik might have accidentally broken the internet as he mentioned the athlete followed by a ‘Mashallah:’

Revealing the news of him no longer being a Muslim a few years back, the tweet gathered massive feedback from fans:

He sure did!

People were speculating if Zayn has turned back to Islam:

All hail Khabib!

People had assumptions!

There were memes, a lot of memes!


People were guessing the kind of kid he’d been in school:


People were assuming he’s back to being a Muslim:

If you know, you know!

Because, they’ve got nothing better to do!


It already has!

People were wishing he goes back to being a Muslim:

People were welcoming him with open arms:

Fans quickly came forward to defend him:

Makes sense:


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