Zainab Salman redefines fashion through a powerful reminder we all need

They’re days when we require reminders to grasp the power that lies within us, days when we don’t feel good about ourselves and days when we forget the light that shines within us. This is exactly what Zainab Salman’s new campaign touches upon. What we seek lies within us; a message that purifies the soul through self-love and compassion.

Zainab Salman has crafted a safe space for her followers to feel beautiful and accepted through her narrative-based latest silk collection – Ameerah. The gorgeous silhouettes and rich solid colors, beautifully draped into dreamy folds, narrate a powerful story we all want to listen. The loud vibrant colors making sure each voice is heard, reflected on beautifully embellished handcrafted delicate motifs that radiate the true strength and beauty of the narrative. Through the minimalistic set chosen, it leaves the focus on the concept of the shoot; the Power of Self.

The pre-launch interviews on their official Instagram page @zainabsalmanstudio has the curiosity building where we are all engrossed reflecting over, what DO we see when we look at ourselves in the mirror? The question is asked to the models, Risham Khan, Trinette Lucas and Laiba Khan followed by huge artists in the industry such as, Hashim Ali, an award-winning artist featured on Forbes, as well as Saima Rashid Bargfred, an internationally recognized makeup and hair expert.

“Zainab is so ahead of her time and I’m so happy to be part of her new collection,”

Risham Khan proudly shares in her recent post on Instagram.

This goes out to various voices who now grasp the soul of the campaign by posting Instagram stories, using Zainab Salman’s Power of Self filter, sharing insightful ways of expression for who they see when they look at themselves in the mirror. The campaign presents itself as a true form of art with a strong reminder as its canvas.

After her collection Baztaab, Power of Self became the brand narrative for Zainab Salman and today Ameerah revamps that powerful message, reminding us of who we are. I feel the Power of Self is for everyone,” Zainab herself says in an interview of her digital launch. Where brands are mostly focused on selling the product, Zainab Salman indulges within powerful narrative building and storytelling, the designer envisions herself to be the voice in fashion that marks a significant change in the industry. Truly, the validation we seek from others is not what we really need. In fact, it is the voice within us that is the only strength that we must connect with, “what we seek is what lies within us.”








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