YouTuber Ukhano comes out with a video response but are people having it?

YouTuber Umer Khan who goes by the name Ukhano was recently accused of rape and harassment by many girls who had screenshots to back their statements. Ever since then, Ukhano has been receiving tons of hate and his fans were looking for an answer from him.

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He put up a 1 minute long video on his Twitter and Instagram account calling the accusations to be false:


The video garnered a ton of replies as soon as it surfaced the internet, but unfortunately the netizens were not having it:


You go, girl!


People were pissed:

People were looking for tears:


Some called him out for over-acting:


Some thought he couldn’t even fake it:


Tons of people asked him for visual evidence that he mentioned in the apology video:


Han bhai, kerlein accept?


Some gave him useful advice:


People were not convinced:


People were comparing his apology video to that of James Charles’ and that says a lot 😂


There was the iconic Akshay Kumar meme:


The replies were full of gifs, memes and phrases from the allegedly leaked screenshots:






He was cancelled for many:


Shots were fired!


Even his coveted fans wanted evidence:


Some compared him to other vloggers and suggested that he apologize if he’s wrong:


But despite the clear evidence, there were fans who were on his side:





What does being humble have to do with harassment?


Some wanted him to apologize and pray for forgiveness:


What do you think about this whole fiasco? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Agr dal mai kuch kala na hota to na to is ki trf sy koi statement ati na he ye is tra shkl bna kr video bnata

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