Diva’s Guide to Social Media Etiquettes Every Celeb Can Follow

Media personalities and celebs are in the age of ‘me’, and that is, of course, no surprise given how social media has taken over every aspect of daily life. However, now more than ever, it seems many stars have forgotten that even on the internet and on their countless social media accounts, there needs to be basic etiquette list they just shouldn’t forget – especially if we call ourselves a ‘celeb’!

Think you’re one such celeb who needs to do away with that not-so-fun social media personality of yours? Well then, follow these rules…


1. Keep your private life private

It’s called private for a reason, and the reason is just simply because not everyone around you needs to know what you or your friends did last night! Mum’s the word, always!

2. No reaction

We all love to clap back at haters and trolls, but the smarter thing to do, always, is to learn the zen way and stay calm. Let’s all learn to be like Mahira Khan, please!


3. Be wise over the projects you talk about

We all know you once signed a Bollywood film project that didn’t make it through or that ad campaign you were a part of but now are not. Well, how about we don’t post or talk about it until it’s done?

4. Be humble

Yes, a starry tantrum looks all good in your mind, but in reality, it only makes you look like a grumpy celeb who woke up on the wrong side of the bed today morning. Humble goes a long way!

5. Learn to appreciate other people’s work

We know your project was better or made more money, but, the other person worked hard too! Don’t belittle other celebs only to make yourself look like numero uno – it only adds to the toxicity.

6. Talk and post sensibly

Not everything you hear needs to be a talking point that you need to add to further. Post and talk about things which interest you, please don’t follow trends blindly!


7. Don’t discuss your contemporaries

We all love our gossips, but hey, when it’s your contemporaries, and you’re talking about them on social media, you’re only digging yourself a grave because guess whose words are going to get blown out of proportion? That’s right, you!


8. Be wise about who you give access to your life

How many times have we seen our celebs facing the brunt of social media trolling because their videos leak out or they just say something at the wrong moment? Well, you only see it come out when you trust everyone blindly. Learn to NOT say everything in front of people you barely know!


9. Social media is a tool for success; don’t make it your failure by being controversial

You can either be famous or you can be infamous – please understand the difference! We know being controversial brings you to the cover of all page 3s around the country and on every blog, but you’re better than that, aren’t you?


10. Don’t be a sore loser at award shows

Last but not least, we know you can rant, and rant, AND rant, but how about you don’t make it your mission to belittle others and claim you’re the best? It’s alright, you lost, move on and prove people wrong with your work!


What do you think we can add to our list? Tell us in the comments below.

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