You’ll definitely relate to what Pakistanis call certain things!

Us Pakistanis, we take our tea and our language very seriously! No matter how silly our words might sound, we know what we’re talking about and today, the netizens are sharing how we have a special language of our own when it comes to certain things and how they’re readily acceptable as if they’re a part of our dialect!

“Yar saniplast hai kisi ke pas?”

You name it!

“Yar botal shotal toh mangwao”

“Yar ladies ko rasta dedo”


“Yar yeh parcel TCS kerwadoh Leopard ke through”

True that!

Yeh cheez!

Haha, guilty!

“Yar uhu hai tumhare pas?”

“Mazda book kerwalun picnic ke liye?”


Can’t argue with that!

“Knorr wali Maggie dena bhai”

Or even Haji sahab!

“Woh meri dhoor ki cousin hai”

We feel attacked!

Can’t beat this!

“Nazar utaaro iski, theek ho jayegi”

It’s only black or white, nothing in between!

Don’t hit us like this with facts please 😭

Hum aur humari dawayein!

Hahahahahaha 😂

“Surf lana mat bhoolna!”

“Mortein lagalo”

“Chalo cheez leke aatay hain”

Also, chadda!

Yar 😂

“Mirchein teiz hain saalan mei”

Yar, sorry, conveyance issue hai”

What would you like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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