Justin Trudeau’s hair flip causes a sensation & Pakistanis have a lot to say

Canadian Prime Minister #JustinTrudeau held a conference on the weekend and a moment of it has gone viral. Trudeau’s long locks cascaded onto his face and he did a hair flip it’s all people can talk about.

During a windy press conference, Justin Trudeau couldn’t stop playing with his luscious locks and the internet turned it into a slo-mo jazz clip with Justin staring right into our eyes 😍

The Twitterverse was quick to react with their witty replies!

10/10 would agree:

Yes please!

Except that they look nowhere near as good as him:

Ah, that salt and pepper goatee!

Even the men were low key jealous:

The bald men were on another level:

Spot on!

Haha, ours too!

Stop hitting us with truth bombs, ma’am:

Some thought of it as a heinous crime, but a good one:

Definitely Mr. Darcy feels!

Facts, but…


Yeh toh hai:

The real OG:

Some found it funny:

Sir, it’s called having a wild imagination:

NO 😂

Some thought he copied our very own Fawad Khan:


Some found it to be a great opportunity for Head & Shoulders:

It was a hot favourite for many:

Doing the trick for us:

People were really enjoying the clip:

I mean, we can’t argue:

C’mon, we all need a little distraction:

People were seeing a lot of potential in him to run for the PM of Pakistan next:

Jo baat hai:

Our reaction summed up in a gif:

Quarantine getting to us all:


Humaray liye:

Some were left speechless!

What do you think about Trudeau’s dramatic hair flip? Let us know in the comments below!

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