You Can Now Rent A Bro In Karachi & People Are Way Too Amused!

Karachi really is a metropolitan city with lots of career opportunities to explore, and someone decided to, well, start renting out brothers. And no we’re not kidding!

And just as twitter discovered about this new entrepreneurship, they’ve got lots to say!


We know, bro!


Can you?

Bros wanted to cash things now!


Heh, kinda same:


People wanted to know where they could mail their CVs:

Yar 😂

No thanks:

Karachi Karachi hai:

And while others weren’t taking it seriously, people actually knew others in their circle who could really use it:

What are your thoughts on this venture? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Isn’t it amazing? Slowly a dark disease is spreading in our society which is dispersion and one of ways to end this depression is to let everything out. People are afraid to discuss but not to someone who they have just rented as brother. I believe this is really a strong initiative.
    Thumps up to those who are running this, i hope they reach more and more people

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