Pakistanis Want Justice For Saima, Qurat ul Ain, Noor & Demand Domestic Violence Bill To Be Passed ASAP!

The last couple of days have been particularly heavy on the nation, with one hashtag after another, asking for justice over and over again for the women of this country suffering at the hands of men. First, it was Usman Mirza who barged onto a couple and recorded them, then it was Saima who was tortured to death, then Qurat ul Ain who lost her life to her husband’s temper in front of her kids and then while we prepared for Eid, Noor Mukaddam was shot and beheaded by Zahir Jaffar.

And the nation is angry, upset and yet so helpless as they grieve:

People wanted a system that reacts before social media:

Yes, please!

Shocked but not surprised:

A divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter:

What kind of messed up love is this?

Please 🙏



People were utterly disappointed with the PM they’d elected:

Women are NOT rehabilitation centres for spoiled men:


It terrifies me:

Never realised this until today:

Makes sense:


People believed we need a stronger party for women and their rights:


Yes, please, PLEASE!

People wanted nothing but justice:



Here’s hoping that justice is served and drastic measures are taken to protect the women in the country. What do you think can be done? Share with us in the comments below.

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