‘Yeh Kahan Se Larki Lagti Hain?’ Twitter Calls Out Abdul Razzak For His Sexist Comments On Nida Dar

Another day, another controversy! In a show hosted by Nouman Ejaz where he invited cricketers Abdul Razzak and Nida Dar, Razzak was seen passing sexist comments on Nida’s appearance, from calling him manly to saying that girls like her don’t get married:

The comedians on the show also resorted to sexist jokes:

And while Nida was cornered, she tried her best to defend herself. And the clips from the interview have infuriated people:


People found it shameful:

Shots were fired:

People were feeling sorry for what the women athletes have go suffer:

Not okay!

People were calling him insecure:

Baat toh sach hai:

People wanted him to apologize:

People were furious:

People were sharing how it takes a second to invalidate women and their struggles:


People wanted everyone on the show to apologize:


People were disappointed at PEMRA’s silence:


What do you think? Should the team apologize? Let us know in the comments below!

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