Yeh Dil Mera gave us an episode to remember with the intense scenes between Aman and Aina!

Of all the dramas that have been airing at the moment, #YehDilMera is the most intense of them all. With Aina fighting for her Agha Jaan and Aman realizing how much he loves Aina, the episode had our hearts pacing with so many emotions!


And it left the audience just as speechless as us!


For real, stop playing with our heart like this!


The truth has been spoken!


People couldn’t stop praising Farhat Ishtiaq for the magic!


Ooof, the dilemma!


That’s what we call ‘executed to perfection:’


People were sharing how Aman is not your typical Pakistani hero:


This drama deserves every award to exist out there:


Ali Bakhsh had his fair share of memes:


People were especially blown away with Aina’a transformation:


We can’t see them breaking apart 😭


Ah, the call that Mir Farooq really needed:


Yar 😔


People were sharing their favourite dialogues from the episode:


Poor Aina!


The scene where it hits Aman:


People were living for the aesthetics:


Agreed 😂


Okay wow, that’s high praise!


We can’t handle it!


The complexities in Aman’s character are written and directed flawlessly!


The guilt of wrecking Aina and the fear of hurting her even more after she finds out the truth, only Ahad could have executed it!


It had some tearing up!


We know right?


Next time someone asks you for the best drama, you know which one to recommend!


How did you like the episode? Are you team Aina or team Aman? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Definetely team Amaan and i knew for a fact from day 1 he loved Aina either be it him locking her in the room even before marriage when he was her fiancè which kind of did reflect back to what her father did to his mother and he wanted to do the same but he didnt, he always loved her from her childhood and if he would have wanted to hurt he could have possibly hurt her before even marrying her but he didnt. He was genuine with her. And even all the possible times he have hurt her, he wasn’t in his senses or he wouldn’t have done that; this was all proven in yesterday’s episode the guilt he had in his eyes that made him bow down after seeing Aina weep in the room. His confession, i longed for that scene this weeks. My guts knew he loved him, his dark expressions in all of the previous episodes somewhat did give the hint of how much he cared for her, and how much he just doesn’t want to lose her. I now am desperately waiting what the upcoming episodes have in store for us. Fornow i just hope that the story will be wrapped up clearing all the confusions that arose amidst the serial being aired. And i expect a justified ending either be it Amaan’s death or a happy one, it should be justified.

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