5 Statements We Are Tired of Hearing Our Celebs Make!

There’s no doubt that we love our celebs and all the things they do for our entertainment, but there are just some things that they can’t help but make us roll our eyes over.

We mean, how many times have we not heard them say they are going to be doing something ‘different’ or that they have no ‘issues’ with any other celeb, only to then bitch them out later in subtle or not-so-subtle ways?

Looking exactly at 5 such statements, Diva compiles a list of things celebs need to stop saying…

“I was the first choice for this”

Yes, we know. You definitely were the first choice, but remember saying it just makes you sound like the biggest loser just because you didn’t do the project! Left the project? Then forget about it!


“I’ll do that project when I get a good script”

There are bad scripts for sure, but a good actor can definitely shine in the worst of films. This has been proved in many flop films where A-list celebs have shined through and vice versa. But, saying that you’d wait for a project UNTIL you get a good script is just a poor excuse!


“I’m not a feminist”

A lot of our celebs still love to not move with the times, but being ignorant is just unforgivable! You’re not a feminist? Alright, we’ll remember that the next time you want to give your two cents over anything remotely forward-thinking.


“I don’t care about critics”

Sure, you don’t. That’s why every bad review makes you go hog-wild crazy with rants on social media and everywhere else! Plus, let’s not forget it made you go crazy enough to say you don’t care about them.


“My role is different than anything you’ve ever seen before”

A new film always means a ton of press junkets, and all of that means every journalist has the same question to ask about the role. But hey, how about we stop hearing the answer that your role is the ‘most different there is?’ Really? Are you playing a space cowboy? You’re not? Then it really isn’t a role we haven’t seen before.


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