These iconic one liners of teachers will take you back to your school days!

Oh how much do we miss our school days, and if you’re anything like us, we know the quarantine boredom has you thinking about the good old school days!

Reminiscing their school life, the netizens are sharing the iconic dialogues that their teachers used to say and they’re guaranteed to remind you of every teacher who has taught you:

Every teacher to literally every batch:

Ooof, the burn!

When the teacher caught us laughing:

The section rivalry:

Facts and only facts:

Itna shor kyun ho raha hai:

Oh, the vicious cycle!

Sorry ma’am:

Ja tujhay maaf kiya~

Some of these teachers are straight up savage!

Ab in sub ka khaanay se kya taaluq yar?



There’s always that one teacher:

Haha, on point!

Lmao, airforce!

Will you?

We dig a teacher who’s good at making jokes:

Yar 😂

Buri baat!


Haha, classic!


You can literally hear this tweet:

Nai tang kerna tha na itna:

Because it never happens 😂

Baat toh sach hai:


Every maths teacher!

What do you remember your teachers saying? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Our English teacher gave us essays for homework, but I always wrote them in school copying my friends ideas and my teacher used to say this every time she read our essays:
    “Great minds think alike.”

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