Yeh Dil Mera Ended On A Rather Surprising Note, & Viewers Have A Lot To Say!

After 33 thrilling episodes, Yeh Dil Mera finally came to an end last night. With Aina still unsure but very much in love with Amaan, the ending took the audience by surprise!

While the drama proved that Sajal and Ahad are the next big thing in the industry, people also loved how well Adnan Siddiqui played Mir Farooq Zaman till the very end! But it was the open-ending, leaving it all to the audience’s interpretation, and here’s what they have to say!

For some, it was the perfect ending:

Spot on!


People were feeling for Amaan:

Some were a 100% on board with the ending:

For many, the ending was justified:

Some were trying to reason:

Some thought that Amaan deserved a second chance:

Definitely, eye candy!

People had their own theories:

The only interpretation you need to understand the ending:


People were all praise for Farhat Ishtiaq and her magical characters:

This scene though>>>>

Yeh cheez!



Same 😭😭😭

And guys, that’s how Amaan and Aina made a place in our heart, so special, it hurts to see the drama end:

How did you guys like the last episode? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. It was truly a masterpiece. Best end to a best drama. Ydm made a special place in our heart. Thanks to the whole team for blessing us with yeh Dil Mera ❤️

  2. It was a unique show.Inspite of all its flaws,it shows how performances alone can make a serial super successful.A big round of applause for AHAD,Sajal and Adnan Siddhiqui.Yeh Dil mera will be missed.Hats off to Farhat Ishtiaq for writing such a innovative story.

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