Yasmin Rashid Called Lahoris An ‘Alaehda Makhlooq’, Issues An Apology Later!

With Covid-19 cases on the rise in Pakistan, the government is opting for a selective lockdown to control the spread and is urging people to follow the recommended SOPs every time they step out of their houses.

The lockdown is being implemented from today in Lahore, and to shed some light on the alarmingly high number of cases in Lahore, Punjab’s Health Minister, Dr. Yasmin Rashid, was invited to a talk show and things didn’t really go well for her as she called the Lahoris an ‘alaehda makhlooq’ in the heat of the moment:

And people were divided, some agreed with her while some disagreed and were furious!

People were demanding an apology:

People were blaming the government for their incompetence:

Many regretted voting for her:

People were bashing her and the government:

People were sharing stitched videos, taking things out of context:

Some wanted her to stop playing the blame game:

Others argued how people say the same thing themselves but are angry because a minister said it:

Some actually tried bringing the actual clip to light to explain the context:

Some were trying to justify what she had said:

Some explained the context:

Some tried…

Some looked at things differently:

Some took it as a compliment 😂

Some boldly agreed:

People from other cities we’re throwing shade:

Some actually shared first hand experiences with Lahoris:

Dr. Yasmin then took to twitter to clear that she didn’t specifically target Lahoris as jaahils, but she used the word ‘hum:’

She then admitted that she used the word ‘alaehda makhlooq’ in the heat of the moment:

And people were actually on her side:

What do you think about Dr. Yasmin’s remarks? Let us know in the comments below!

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