Footage Of Robbers Consoling & Helping A Food Delivery Rider Goes Viral & People Are Moved!

If you’re from Karachi, snatching is not something new to you. And while we see numerous CCTV footages of theft everyday, this one will move you:


A video of robbers consoling and returning the snatched goods to the rider is making rounds on social media and people are feeling bitter-sweet:


People were heart broken:


People were lauding them for showing empathy:


Some had an elaborate scheme planned:


Some thought that it was because the system/society had failed them:


Some were throwing shade at the politicians:




Now that’s an epic story!


Some couldn’t decide what they were feeling:


People were sending prayers for the three:


Some had their faith in humanity restored:


Some thought it’s the desperation to make ends meet that drives people to this extent:




People were sharing similar stories of empathetic robbers:


Some were calling them Robinhood robbers:


Some had questions:


An apt description:


What do you have to say about this video? Let us know in the comments below!


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