With Social Media Down For Few Hours In Pakistan, The Meme Game Had To Follow

PTA decided to shut down all social media networks in Pakistan including Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube, Telegram and to maintain public order.

And with 4 hours of no social media, people really reflected on what they were feeling as they flood twitter with memes remembering how they spent their time without social media:

C’mon guys, its not PTCL everytime:

Saans nai arahi thi:

Paisa hi paisa hoga!

Bro, yeh kya ho gaya:

Oh bhaeeee!

Aag lagay basti mei, VPN waalay apni masti mei:

Lo bhaee:

Ek ek minute ki importance pata chali:



What social media?

Oof, things we take for granted:

VPN rocked, PTA shocked:

Yeh bhi koi zindagi hai yar?

Hahaha, students bichaaray:

How did you spend your time without social media? Let us know in the comments below!


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