Why Do The LSAs Have No Nominations From ARY? Here’s The Real Story!

The annual Lux Style Awards (LSA) end up making major buzz each year, and more often than not, it seems it’s for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes it has to do with a winner, other times it’s the nominations – but this time, it’s a whole channel the LSAs seem to have rubbed the wrong way!

What exactly are we talking about?

Well, like us, if you have checked out the recently-released nominations for the 20th LSAs scheduled later for this year, there seems to be a large chunk of ARY dramas and actors associated with their shows missing from the list! So much so, that the list seems to be dominated by one entertainment channel alone.

To get to the bottom of this, we did our own bit of investigation and there’s tons of information that we were able to siphon out! Keeping anonymity maintained, Reliable and trustworthy sources have claimed that this year’s nomination list has a lot to do with ARY opting out on their own due to what happened last year.

The sources were quoted saying,

“ARY had decided to opt out from participation in this years Lux Style Awards, until the problems in the process of selection, jury and voting process as pointed out last year are resolved and the decision making be made transparent. ”

So, what are the problems being talked about here? Well, a number of sources claim it had a lot to do with LSA’s decision to not nominate Meray Pas Tum Ho’s OST last year, despite it having the highest number of views and buzz around it.

Apart from that, another reason claimed by the sources seem be a lack of transparency when it comes to criteria and how dramas are being nominated. The sources have gone on to also claim that the viewers choice system is clunky at best and may cause discrepancies.

“Up until last year, the LSAs claimed that each voter was allowed one vote when their number was entered to vote,  but when this was checked, anyone could add any one else’s name and number, ” the source added. “It was proof enough of the loss of credibility for the platform.”

The lack of transparency has definitely  irked the channel, clearly, and they chose to veer away from sending anything for consideration to the platform.

Now one just have to see how the LSAs play out this year – with thing out there for sure that missing out on a whole entertainment channel may have lowered the stakes massively.

Keep watching this space for more on this developing story! 

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