Ahmed Ali Akbar Wins The Internet As Parizaad & People Can’t Stop Lauding Him!

If there’s one drama that’s an absolute breath of fresh air, its Parizaad! The unique storyline, masterfully put together cast, fast-paced storyline, the OST, the plot, everything is spot on.

But it was last night’s episode which proved that no one could have played Parizaad better than Ahmed Ali Akbar, the man has clearly knocked it out of the park and the internet wholeheartedly agrees!



Every Tuesday 😭


It always does:



We endorse!

People were lauding the direction:

This hit hard!

Hoti hain!

There was praise left and right!

We hope so too!

Where’s the lie?

People were loving the drama for it’s plot!

Are you keeping up with Parizaad? Let us know in the comments below!

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