Upcoming Dramas & Telefilms We’re Excited For!

If you know us, you’d know we take our dramas very seriously, like all drama buffs! And here are a few that have gotten us really excited.

1. Aik Hai Nigar

If there’s one telefilm that we can’t wait for, it’s Aik Hai Nigar. Featuring the acting brilliance Mahira Khan who plays the first female 3 star general, Lieutenant General Nigar Johar, the telefilm is definitely the one to watch out for!


2. Amanat

With teasers that intense we can’t wait to see Imran Abbas weave magic on screen alongside Urwa Hocane and Saboor Aly!


3. Mohabbat Dagh Ki Soorat

Neelum Munir and Sami Khan starrer has us geared up for a story like no other and given the teasers already, we can’t keep calm!


4. Berukhi

Hiba Bukhari, Junaid Khan and kahani Cinderella ki, could we ask for a better trio? We think not!


5. Mere Apne

It’s the 21st century and Pakistanis still believe in watta-satta, and the drama shows everything that happens in such marriages!

What are you excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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