What happened between 5 Pakistani cricket players and an Indian taxi driver is the best thing you’ll come across today!

During a time where India and Pakistan are struggling to make peace, the exchange between an Indian taxi driver and Pakistani cricket team players will restore your faith in peace!

Radio presenter Alison Mitchell narrated the sweetest little incident she saw happen between the citizens of the two countries. She narrates how an Indian taxi driver drove the Pakistani players to a restaurant and refused to take any money from them. Moved by the sweet gesture, the players Yasir Shah, Shaheen Afridi, Musa Shah, Imran Khan and Nasim Shah invited him to join them for dinner!
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And the internet loving this little exchange!

People saw how much potential there was for peace between the two countries:

People were lauding these people on their upbringing:

Some were thanking the taxi driver who refused to charge them for the ride:

Waqayi zabardast!

People were lauding the lads:

People were hopeful of peace:

They sure did!

Absolutely, hospitality runs in our blood!

People were proud of the boys:

Yeh baat!

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