People are describing their favourite cartoons in the worst way possible, can you guess them all?

Cartoon Network has been a vital part in all our 90s kids lives, and we’ve witnessed some of the best cartoons, there, we said it! In a recent trend on Twitter, people have been decribing their favourite cartoon as poorly as possible nd it’ll ruin your favourite cartoons for you!

And people are really going out there, starting with everyone’s favourite Scooby Doo!

Oh man, you shouldn’t have ruined Power Puff Girls like this for us!


Ed, Edd and Eddy with their thirst for them jaw-breakers!

Hmm, that’s one way to look at Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends:

Okay, wow, mind is blown!

LMAO, Johnny Bravo descriptions for the win!

Gotta love this one for Samurai Jack!

Leave Dexter alone, okay!

Kids next door!

Never thought Grim was Jamaican and being scammed by Billy and Mandy…

Which description did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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