#WeLoveYou: Pakistanis Pour In Love For The Cricket Team & It’s Heartwarming!

In an intense semi-final last night, team Pakistan fought till the very end but lost by 5 wickets. In a rather nail-biting match, despite the players being under the weather, they tried their very best.

And Pakistanis, despite losing to Australia, are celebrating the consistency of the team this year under Babar Azam’s captaincy.

PM Imran Khan also took to Twitter to congratulate the team for their hard work throughout the series:

People also loved how Babar backed his players:

With a win-win situation for Shaniera, people were sharing her reactions:



We might just believe you:

People were especially lauding Rizwan:

It’s was memes galore at twitter:

Noooo, my heart!!!

And it ain’t even funny, lmao!

Aisa toh hota hai:


Hahaha, 10/10 would agree!

Jo baat hai!

True that!

We absolutely do!

Love was pouring in:

Chins up high!


Melts our heart!

Truly a win!



What did you think of the team’s performance last night? Let us know in the comments below!

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