Waqar Zaka thinks all men should unite and call for a #MardMarch

In the last few weeks, celebrities, YouTubers and cricketers were exposed on the internet which include Ukhano, Mohsin Abbas Haider and cricketers Imam ul Haq and Shahin Afridi. Private screenshots were leaked, inappropriate pictures were shared, it was a hot mess!

And while a ton of people agreed that screenshots and private conversations shouldn’t have been leaked, Waqar Zaka took it to twitter to share a video message:

In the video, Waqar says that no one can blackmail you with consensual conversations and that it was merely a personal benefits to affect the careers of the men exposed. He urged both the cricketers to file an official complaint and also called for a Mard March against such women.

Waqar also called out on men who support women in such cases, he also said that he couldn’t get the gist of words like ‘pervert’ being used in a consensual chat that was taking place. He then continued to say that if the conversations/exchange happening between two people is consensual then leaking it is a serious offence and asked people to stop misusing the #MeToo movement to their advantage because then people don’t take it seriously and cases of real harassment get lost in the middle.

He then went on to tag Ali Zafar under the tweet:

A lot of people on social media agreed with him:

Many thought it would bring about a revolution if he was able to pull it off:

To which replied that he just wants no drama for men and wants to stop people from misusing the MeToo movement:

People appreciated him for raising awareness:

Someone questioned why there were no NGOs working for men:

People showed their support:

People whole heartedly agreed:

People said they wanted this to end:

Many corrected him that he should march for an Equality March with a balanced approach:

Many emphasized how there’s zero privacy in Pakistan:

Some commented how both the genders used this card to their advantage:

Some pointed out how favoring one gender over the other was not the solution:

Someone also pointed out how the screenshots shared were technically consensual:

Some thought it was a joke:

Some blamed both parties:

Some schooled him on what consent was:

Some wanted him to forget this and bring back living on the edge…

Some had the weirdest theories!

Many wanted him to mind his own business:

Some thought he was afraid of his chats being leaked:

People wanted him to stay out of personal matters:

Many thought he was out of his mind:

Some took it in another direction…

Some were PISSED!

Some asked why he always puts the blame on women:

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