Diva Jukebox: Top 10 songs everyone is grooving to this week!

There’s no comparing Pakistani music to any other in our region, and that’s a fact. Be it OSTs, singles or hits from our films, they are all so addictive that one can’t help but have songs streaming throughout the day, every day, wherever we are!

So, naturally, this week too, there are hits that everyone has on their playlist which are making it big!

Any guesses what they are? Don’t fret if you don’t, because Diva has the weekly lowdown…

1. In Dino – Superstar

Charting the list on the top place this week is Atif Aslam’s ‘In Dino’ from Superstar!

2. Haye Dil Bechara – Parey Hut Love

This fun number by Jimmy Khan for Parey Hut Love had everyone dancing this week!

3. Aik Nayi Subh – Black Hour

This alternate rock single by Black Hour for Pepsi Battle of the Bands seems to be making it big this week.

4. Makhna – Shaiza Manzoor, Aryan Khan & Waqas Ali

The new rendition of Shazia Manzoor’s classic ‘Makhna’ has been making the rounds too.

5. Addi Maar – Heer Maan Ja

Another single from UK band Sahara, ‘Addi Maar’ from Heer Maan Ja had everyone grooving.

6. Laapata – Abdullah Qureshi

This soothing number by Abdullah Qureshi, ‘Laapata’ stands at number 6 this week.

7. Dil Ki Khair – Ali Sethi

Leave it to Ali Sethi to make Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s words something to dance to!

8. Nachee Ja – Ready Steady No

The dark horse of the week, Ready Steady No’s songs seems to be doing as good as the film itself.

9. Bekaraan Ishq – Superstar

Another hit song from Superstar to make it to the list, ‘Bekaraan’ still stands strong this week.

10. Morey Saiyan – Parey Hut Love

Released just a few days ago, ‘Morey Saiyan’ from Parey Hut Love already is making it big in the charts!

Which song is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below!

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