‘Vlogs are no longer the focus of my life:’ Irfan Junejo quits vlogging to focus on mental health.

Everyone’s favourite and one of the best vloggers of the country, Irfan Junejo, uploaded a heartfelt video to YouTube marking the end of his vlogging career:

Titled ‘I Quit,’ Irfan Junejo starts off with how life has changed for Irfan as he got famous, he reveals how it made him more and more reclusive. And how he has self-esteem issues, anxiety and no confidence left in him, that too, at the peak of his career. Actor Imran Ashraf too sent words of encouragement and support to the Vlogger:

And while the news upset many fans, they were wholeheartedly supporting Irfan Junejo for focusing on his mental health:


Jo baat hai:

Many were sharing how big of an inspiration Irfan has been to them:

People were sharing how great it was to be a part of his journey:

Comedian Shehzad Ghias lauded him for making the right choice and defining the daily vlog genre in Pakistan:

Fans were full of support:

We’re not crying either 😭


Ooof, hearing it in the video made us very sad:

Fans wanted him to cheer up:

It reminded some of a very apt saying:

Fans were wishing him luck:

Yeh baat:

People were happy to see him focus on his mental health first:


An inspiration to many:


Some had bigger plans for him:

Fans promised to be by his side on whatever he decides to do:

People were sharing their love for him:

Fans were sending him love and prayers:


People were excited to see what Irfan will have to offer next:

Some had lost hope:

What do you think about Irfan Juenjo’s decision to quit vlogging? Let us know in the comments below!

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