Arranged marriage vs love marriage, the battle is on!

In today’s episode of what the netizens are unsettled about, we have them discussing love marriages vs arranged marriages and honestly, its a never ending debate!

And people have a ton of opinions!

Some wanted to change the perspective of forced marriages vs arranged marriages:

Jo bhi kerlo, end toh same hi hota hai:

People were busting the myths:

Well, we kinda agree!

Some were absolutely hopeless!


Some were strictly against it:


Rishta guru spotted:

You’ll probably need to shoot your shot, Sarah:

It had people changing:

That’s one way to look at things:

It was the only hope for many:

Truer words have never been spoken:

We are stan!

Some of us like living on the edge, mate:

Something a lot of us can learn from:

Preach, girl!

Some were ready!

The reply we love!

Some had their priorities set straight, we likey!

Okay 💔

Oooh, that’s gonna hit hard:


To ama aba: arrange marriage pls!

What do you think about arranged marriages vs love marriages? Let us know in the comments below!

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