Veena Malik schools Hamza Ali Abbasi on haram and halal after he defends Yasir and Iqra

The internet has been going nuts after Yasir Hussain proposed Iqra Aziz at the Lux Style Awards 2019. Their public display of affection triggered many, and everyone from their fellow celebrities to their fans are talking about them.


Fans were upset because they didn’t like Yasir and Iqra sharing kisses and were schooling them on the religious ruining when Hamza Ali Abbasi jumped in to defend them:


He quoted religious rulings in his tweet defending the two.


And fans were furious!




As the fans were roasting Hamza, Veena Malik came in and tweeted a series of tweets regarding Hamza Ali Abbasi’s take on the situation:


She elaborated how she thought of him being on the same page as her:


She then continued to say how PDA before Nikkah is haram:


She shared how she found the PDA after the proposal inappropriate:


She then said how people in the industry should be more responsible on what they do and support:


And how haram should not be made halal:


And the fans were moved!


Some pointed out how one can’t always be right:


People gave her thumbs ups for raising her voice:


People were also lauding her for making everyone speechless!


What do you think about the situation? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. It is right!! Hamza I know human do mistake but you have to apologize now because u are influencer and we follow you. Don’t take sides with ur friends. Use your social power to do the right things. Pls all love! 💛

  2. Whatever was done was quite nice and sweet umtil unless yasir seductively startted kissing iqra in front of cameras and all. A blind can also see that it was just a lublicity stunt and nithing else. They both were committed from so long. Anyhow they disrespected their followers by doing this act.

  3. veena malik is on point. i appreciate her. our religion don’t allow any couple to hug or kiss before nikah.

  4. Islam prohibits it …final and full stop.
    Hamza ali abbasi should be ashamed of quoting hadith to support bay hayay and beghariti being done publicly.
    Hamza Ali abbasi is just looking to stay in the lime light ..this time through religion .
    He is not an Aalim nor a scholar.
    He shud stop giving his opinions and then Islamicising them.

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