Veena Malik and Sania Mirza’s twitter tiff has gone way too far!

You’d want to grab some popcorn or a snack because Sania Mirza and Veena Malik can’t stop firing shots at each other!


In the recent light of Pakistan losing to India in the World Cup match, people have been blaming Sania Mirza for the poor performance after she was seen with her husband Shoaib Malik and a few other members of the team.


As people started criticizing Sania Mirza, she responded with an angry tweet


Amidst all the drama, came Veena Malik, who schooled Sania Mirza on her parenting:




But Sania came back at her in the most savage way:


she also mentioned Veena’s scandalous magazine cover but deleted the tweet almost immediately:



Sania then replied to the tweet again, excluding the magazine taunt:


Even though Sania had deleted the tweet, there were screenshots everywhere and her fans were disappointed:


Fans were living for her reply:


And fans supported her:


Woohoo, you go girl!


People agreed how Veena behaved better than Sania:


And people were having a great time, asking all the devars to stay out if it:



To which Veena Malik replied:


But Sania Malik had already blocked Veena Malik by then


Veena Malik then posted the screenshot of Sania’s deleted tweet and called her out on not having enough ‘guts:’


She then continued to tweet, thanking Sania for showing her true colors:




People were lauding Veena for her tweet:


No more excuses:


People also had theories 😂


Even Shoaib Malik jumped in to defend his family:


Retweeting a reply, Veena then left a piece of advice for the beloved bhabhi, telling her that personal attacks will not take her anywhere:



And at the end of it all, Sania tweeted it was time for a break, GOOD CALL!


However, this one tweet won our heart!


Veena put things to rest by clarifying how the images on the magazine cover were morphed and how people should stop bringing up her past just because she is an easy target:


Okay, after reading all this, all we can say is enough internet for today! What do you think about this little twitter tiff between the two? Let us know in the comments below

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  1. Of course veena has been to big boss and she knows how to make people say things they dont want to say .. obviously she is picking things that doesnt even make any sense and that is obvious that she tried to make sania look bad in the public eye … veena malik has created borders between Pakistani cricket teams and Indian cricket teams even amongst the people .. stay away from such women they can cause disasters now people will start making fun of sania as major sania or so ehich is disgusting because she is extremely talented and intelligent women and she deserves respect and veena doesnt .. she created all this meas and drama and secondly calling out someone in public is ruining his/respect .. hate you veena

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