Amir requests people not to use bad words for the boys in green


After a rather disappointing performance by the Pakistani team in the match against India, people have been furious over the team members and even Sania Mirza.



Muhammad Amir who has been the saving grace of the team throughout the tournament and the leading wicket taker, requested fans not to use bad words for the team in a tweet today:


The hashtag #AmirBhai has been trending ever since he tweeted:

And while a few people agreed with him, many were in disagreement:


People were pissed at the school level cricket played by the team:


Some were concerned about the team’s fitness:


People shared how the nation was hurt at the below average performance and was tired of giving them chances:


The awaam wanted their margin:


People shared how they loved his performance:





People also praised him for coming forward with a tweet and compared how the rest didn’t have the guts to tweet after their performance:


Agreed, not cool!


Finally, a sane someone shared how the nation should question their cricketing system rather than the players:


Many commented on how lethargic the team looked:


Many said it was their right to criticise the team:


Someone even suggested that the team should be dealt as Hitler dealt with his people, ummmm:


But even amidst so much hurt feelings, there was hope!


Yeh cheeeez!


That’s the spirit!


And tons of praises for Amir:



Muhammad Amir truly is a favorite of the nation, and he should be! The passion, the aggression and the dedication that Amir had throughout the match was worth lauding for! Thank you for giving hope to the county, we shall see you guys bounce back!

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