Ushna Shah’s series of tweets lands her in hot waters!

Ushna Shah is not your typical celebrity. She’s blunt, upfront and likes to speak her mind, whether you like it or not. However, one of her tweet got her schooled by the internet on being privileged and demeaning a delivery guy:

Her tweets sparked quite the controversy and people were coming for her:

People were shaming her for her attitude:

Shots were fired:

People were hoping that she’d find the delivery guy and apologize:

And that too in a country where the rabies vaccine is barely available:

After facing a ton of backlash, Ushna decided to elaborate on the situation, and honestly it only made things worse for her:

People were even more furious now!

We’re just as confused as you all are:

Many called it bullying:

People thought it was elitist:

Like we said, it only made it worse for her:

It really did:

But instead of apologizing, Ushna came up with a 5 note long justification, like literally a 5 note long justification, we’re not even exaggerating!

And people were literally done with her at this point:

Some pointed out what the real problem was:




One word, woman!

Too damn high, there’s no beating her:

The more you speak…

Add a pinch of empathy too maybe?

Ours too!

People were tweeting out her next move:


Many came right back at her:

Aur kya!

And by now, you’d probably expect Ushna to say sorry, but nope, it never happened:

And people had only one thing to say:

What do you think about this scenario? Let us know in the comments below!

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