A young boy commits suicide because of bad grades and this needs to stop!

Suicides among Pakistani students are on the rise, because of the cut-throat competition and the society’s pressure.

Photo via Facebook.com/InsaneTypeWriterr

A young boy’s body was discovered floating in a river, his bag and shoes were nearby which had a suicide note from the boy:

Photo via Facebook.com/InsaneTypeWriterr
Photo via Facebook.com/InsaneTypeWriterr

The boy wrote in his suicide note that he could not score good marks in his exams despite trying and that he’d rather die than be result shamed by everyone around him. He kept asking for his parents to forgive him for choosing to commit suicide. He also left a number on the note, so that whoever finds the note or the body, can easily get in touch with his parents.

Photo via Facebook.com/InsaneTypeWriterr

And this result shaming is just not okay. People were moved by the heart-wrenching news and discussed how this result shaming culture needs to end right here:

Many called it a murder and the society being the murderers:

People were wondering when this culture would end:

Many blamed it on the parents:

Repeat after us – grades aren’t everything:

Many felt that there was an urgent need to motivate children:

Many thought parents pressure their kids for better grades to show off:

People were left heart broken:

A sad state of affairs indeed:

Many addressed the kids directly:

And urged the parents to encourage their children:

Let’s bring about the change right this second!

What do you think about result shaming in our society? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Knowledge is power n everything not grades n positions.. many failures reached on top n now they run business while position holders are stuck in 9 to 5 salary based job. in our society, parents needs to grow up by their minds and should give the confidence to their childrens and teach them that failure is not the end it is actually the start of everything,u should have to study hard n try again n again n again and then succeeded. if u see the door closed and there must be other doors r opened for u.

  2. This close to taking the same step. I did my best and did better than i had expected. But of course. It’s never enough for parents. The constant shaming has thrown me into a dark dark void. An endless void.

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