Urwa’s Instagram Caption Has Tweeple Confused & Their Interpretations Are Hilarious!

We’ve all tried to insert the deepest of philosophies into our Instagram captions at some point and honestly they tend to work a lot of times. But it’s a completely different story when you’re famous, like Urwa Hocane!

Urwa took to Instagram to share with fans her photos from Fahad Hussayn’s collection and it was all good until people tried making sense of the caption:

The screenshots of the caption made it to twitter:

And the tweeple have way too many questions and interpretations!

We feel attacked!

Been there 😭

We’re trying, okay?

We’re the grand bazaar of curiosity:

People thought whoever wrote the caption should be fired!

I swear 😂


You’re not alone!

Yes please 😭

Guys, take notes!

Two sides to every story:

You sure about that?

“Lena hai toh lelein, badh mei nahi milega:”

Omg, yes!

We can see that:

What do you think the caption means? Let us know in the comments below!

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