Urwa Hocane Thinks Karachiites Are Sitting ‘Hath Pe Hath Rakh Ke’ & The Netizens School Her About The Ground Realities!

Whenever the Hocane sisters have made it to the news, it’s for their hot takes on various things, be it depression being caused by poor diet or being okay with harrassment, their wisdom has always left the internet baffled!

And after the disastrous rains battered Karachi, people all over social media have been calling out on the incompetence of the ruling governments, and Urwa Hocane has had enough!

In a series of tweets, Urwa Hocane lashes out on the already helpless citizens and asks them if they have a better solution. Not holding back, the netizens came right back at Urwa, answering most of her concerns:

People were discussing the solutions they had thought of:

People wanted her to start rather than tweeting:

People were furious!

All of you guys!

People were hoping the goal had been achieved:

People wanted her to stop embarrassing herself:


Others wanted her to stop gaslighting the citizens:

People wanted to know the solutions she had:

People were sharing their reactions via memes:

People were rooting for the petition to take internet away from the Hocane sisters:

People really wanted her to read the room:

People were not having her opinion from the privileged bubble she tweeted from:

The confidence we all need:

The ‘chade’

People were in disbelief!

Commander Safeguard 😂

What do you think about Urwa’s hot take on Karachi rains? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Well I think that Urwa’s tweet is not an operative one. If she wants people to think for a solution then she should be the first one in the solution provider list. She just schooled people on that point which was not their fault. Drainage system needs a complete plan and infrastructure designed by professionals. It’s a technical job which a common man cannot do. For such a complex project, Pakistan has drainage maintenance departments with qualified professionals. So it’s the government’s job not the citizen’s responsibility. And as far as money is concerned for such a billion dollar project, then people provide tax. Only if these taxes are used for citizen’s goodwill, then things will surely get better.

  2. The Hocane sisters have proved time and time again that their tweets have no thought process behind them . Living inside her privileged bubble with a generator producing electricity and a house full of servants , She doesn’t know shit about what the Masan population Ian suffering from . If she really wanted to make a difference , it would have been better to come out on the streets ans help people then tweeting such garbage . And just to let her know , it is THE PEOPLE who are going to end up repairing their own houses , draining their basements and fixing their cars because the government doesn’t do shit!! I AM FUMING RIGHT NOW !!

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