Heavy Rains Lash Karachi, Brings Commercial Hub To A Standstill

It’s heart breaking to see the city that generates more than 70% revenue being ripped apart by record breaking rains. It’s citizens worried and scared for their lives and their belongings as the city continues to be butchered at the hands of heavy rains.

The crisis prompted the provincial government to declare an emergency in the province. The heavy rain which began pounding the city early Tuesday morning continues to storm drains and dozens of other choked drains still overflowing, 3 bodies were also found in Gujjar nullah earlier:

Low-lying areas in the city have been suffering major damage as they still hadn’t fully recovered from the rains earlier, the rains today have only made it worse:

Citizens are fearing for their lives:

People who were out during the rain faced extreme difficulty as their vehicles broke down, some filly immersed, some barely floating. Their engines will seize, body will rust and years of savings will go down the drain:

The main roads and underpasses are a sad state of affairs in themselves cutting off access:

Operations at different ports in the metropolis were mostly suspended after record monsoon showers left them inundated, bringing the cargo/shipping handling to a halt:

Graveyards are another story, with heart wrenching videos of graves sliding one after another:

Stray animals suffer:

It’s been nothing less than a nightmare for the citizens:

Heart breaking:

And while the rain wreaked the city, people were finding ways to be prepared beforehand next time:


Every year hundreds of people die, thousands become homeless and nothing ever comes out of the situation, Karachi sheher subka, magar Karachi ka koi nahi?

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